Greasings and Sanitations!

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    Hello, everyone. Say "hi" to the guy who made HeroForge. Shameless plugs and background are available in my bio.

    Basically, I'm an old salt to D&D and gaming in general, having gotten started as a DM back in '84. I've played more game systems than I'm capable of remembering.

    I don't have any campaigns to put on this site yet, as my next campaign won't be starting until the 4th edition D&D rules come out. I'd be more than happy to lurk on existing games, though, and might even participate in one or two if there's something being run through an online format.
  • FemmeLegion
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    ZOMG HEROFORGE! Do you accept huge sloppy smooches? I had to defect to Meez once I found myself in more modern-day campaigns, but I know several of my friends have used HeroForge to draw up their Living Greyhawk characters.

    Hi and welcome! I'm afraid "my" "current campaign": is face-to-face only ('cause the actual GM is a wee bit technologically challenged), but you're welcome to snoop around and let me know if there's any facets of the story you think need further exposition. I really am trying to create a wiki and narrative that would make sense to somebody who was just reading and not playing - even when that occasionally requires altering a few facts in the campaign.
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