Fantasy grounds 2 game Iron Heroes 3.5 (DEMO can play free)

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Hi guys! (and gals)
After 3 years of continuous gaming with my Aerthria Campaign, I've made the move to OP.

I plan on introducing a new group of mature players to my realm.
The game will be played ONLINE over Fantasy Grounds 2 clients and using SKYPE for voice chat.
Players only need the free DEMO of Fantasy Grounds 2 to join in.

The game is a variant of Iron Heroes (D&D 3.5-ish)
Human dominated (Conan-style) in a fantasy setting.

The session game times are usually 2 hours each.

I haven't figured out a consistent weekly day to play, so if you are interested, post what days and times you are able to show up. And hopefully a few gamers will be able to make it at the same times.

I'm in the Pacific time zone and my Friday group games at 5pm-7pm. (1 spot open for that session as well)

You are also welcome to check out the game sessions as an observer.

The new group will start at 2nd level and will continue on for many years to come.
(and may lend to some crossover sessions with my current group of players)

The best way to make a character for this is...
1 Come up with a character concept, don't think about classes, just ask yourself what character style you like to play as.
Fighting style, weapon types, methods of combat, base of knowledge...
2 Work with the GM to figure out the class which matches the style you want.
Iron Heroes has different classes than 3.5 and these classes are defined more with their chosen traits and feats
3 Flesh out the background with the GM... my NPC's have huge backstories and so should you.
I like to work in a lot of NPC interaction and reaction, choices you make can influence the world.

My style is to give the players a mixture of adventure types, overland, towns, dungeons, temples, sea adventures, exploration...
The players really drive where the campaign goes.
I tell my players, I GM using rules of soap operas and comic book deaths.

Lastly, I enjoy GM'ing a lot, sometimes I have to break for family stuff, however I haven't left my group hanging, we always play. So don't expect me to disappear.

I'll be posting a lot now on Obsidian Portal, due to the fact that my Campaign has grown so much in scope that players needed an online encyclopedia to remind them on who and where they've been and met.

Questions? Ask away :)
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