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I’m starting up a play-by-post Star Wars Saga game, I currently have three players already and room for more. The game is plan to run a for a year with a goal of regular posting of at lest one every day by the GM. Mature content will come up in game, not all the time but it will happen so far warning. The game will takes place during the Rebellion Era (two years after the destruction of the first Death Star) and is loosely based off the concept of Renegade Squadron (a PSP first person shooter star wars game) but the navy version of that instead of special ops. version. Player Character will be crew members of the _Wicked Kismet_ a privateering Rebel ship and will be made up of those who walk on the edge or even across the line of legal and illegal. Below is a list of character concept requirements and possible crew positions on the ship. Those interested in joining pleas send me a private message with a character concept which includes which crew positions your character will be focused on filling.

Concept Requirements

All the character will need to explain what has brought them to the shady shadow port space station of StarForge and what motivation they have for signing on with the Wicked Kismet and fighting for the Rebellion. Note along with pay, not much, a share of the prize, again not much, the Rebellion is offering a pardon for past criminal convictions upon the reestablishment of the Galactic Republic.

Crew Positions and Options

Below are two list of character position ideas/options the first list is the must fill positions for the Wicked Kismet to be at full function, the second list are optional position and ideas for characters. Note a character could possible fill more than one of these positions like say the one of the Gunner Chefs could also fill the role of Security Officer. As of right now Captain Pace can fill the role of Co-Pilot, but would rather focus on being the Captain.

Needed Crew Positions

1st Gunner Crew Chef
2nd Gunner Crew Chef
Master Technician

Other Crew Positions

Communications/Sensors Specialist
Security Officer
Medical Specialist yacht
Requisitions and Cargo Master
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