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One of my players is developing a Star Wars SAGA Campaign to pitch to my group when my Shadows Campaign wraps up) and I am assisting him in putting together an OP site for the campaign. Anyhow, I was looking over the DSTs and I noticed several have been submitted for approval, but none have been approved yet. So, two questions then:
1) Can any of the pending sheets be used, and if so, how?
2) Any way to find out if any of these pending sheets will be approved soon?

As always, thanks.

Keelah Se'lai,
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  • wolfhound
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    I believe ChainsawXIV approves, he often gives minor adjustments he would like to see prior to approval (he does with mine anyway) that may be what they are waiting on. IM him and inquire, that might speed things along.

    As for using them prior to approval, not really.
  • Kallak
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    IDK about any other ones, but the one I am working on currently is not yet completed. It's taking shape steadily.
    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Kallak
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    As an update of sorts, I took a look at the other two Saga Edition DSTs that are up there alongside mine. They both look to be REALLY early development, so I don't imagine they will be done anytime soon unless there's a big boost in work on them. I'll try to hammer out mine ASAP, I'd guess it to be maybe a third done ATM. If you want to see a picture of what it looks like so far, you can check it out "HERE": (with random values plugged in for testing purposes).
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