[Feature Request] Looking for Players additional tags: Online, PbP or Traditional

edited August 2013 in Feature Requests
It would be nice to have an additional tag for campaigns that are "Looking for Players." A tag that the GM selects whether the game is online, PbP or a traditional campaign. With those two additional tags, a potential could filter so much faster down to the type of game they happen to be looking for when coming onto the site.

In my case, I can only really join an online or PbP game right now. I selected the following:
Currently Playing
Looking for Players
Recently Updated

And then I had to dig through a ton of potential games trying to decipher if online/PbP was an option. So if there had been these options:

I could have saved so much time. And I am aware of the great resource http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/compendium-of-pbp-on-line-campaigns by Kenurion and it is greatly appreciated. It just seems like empowering the creator of the campaign to tag that option themselves and make it a search function would be a might easier.
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