Hello. I'm Adam, aka "The Goblyn".

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I'm so glad I found this site. I've been perusing some of the campaigns in here and I am constantly impressed and inspired. Well done people of Obsidian Portal.

I'm 39 years old and I've been playing table top RPGs since I got my original "Red Box" D&D game in 3rd grade. Since then I've tried many other systems. My great love is world building and GMing though.

I have tons of notes on my home brewed campaign worlds going back decades. So finding this site is a great "next level" for me to hone my campaign/world building skills... And possibly an attempt to keep my PCs a little more in line and up to speed. Well, one can hope.

Anyways. I've begun on my first campaign here. Its called Hethrack Ascendant.


The campaign is set in my long running home brewed fantasy world called Drovard. There isn't much content here yet I'm afraid. Many pages are blank and most of the rest are bare bones place holders until I can flesh them out later. But you might find it amusing to skim through the thin contents. And if you do, comments and constructive criticisms are more than welcome.

Thank you. Glad to be here. And happy gaming everyone.



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    Welcome Adam! Always great to have new folks join us! Lots of friendly people here- don't hesitate to ask questions!
    You can embed your videos by pressing the little filmstrip in the top right. Make sure you add the following css to make it fit.
    iframe { max-width: 700px;

    That will make it fit on the screen.
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    Hi Adam aka TheGoblyn

    Welcome to the forum and I hope it does as much for your world building as it has done for me.
    Nice start to your site. I wish you and your players well for the future.

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    Not a bad start there. Looks like you have an involved campaign there

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