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Hey OPers,

For those of you who know me, I'm back again..hoping to revive my campaign "violent skies": I've been through a bunch of real world stuff that has really taken my energy and time. Things seem to have settled down so I think we are ready to give it another go...anyway

I've got a good friend who is a fantastic artist. He's done character art for many of our gaming characters (his own too) and now he's started a "website": Thought I'd plug him here. Check out his work. He is in the middle of doing a charity fund raiser at the moment. He'll do artwork for donations. Last year he raised money for the American Cancer Society. 100% of the money he raises goes to the charity. Here's his FB page, "Characters for Charity":

So...if you want a cool character'd like to be contributing to a worthy cause...check it out!

Also...feel free to pay him craploads of money to do artwork for you...I'm sure he'd appreciate it.



  • Keryth987
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    Welcome back. You've been missed around here. Hope you get your campaign off the ground again.

    Site looks interesting. Might have to bug him for some work in the future.

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    That is truly an awesome cause, and pretty cool work! Thanks for sharing, and nice to see you back!
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    Just trying to help out.

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