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About five or six months ago, we had a campaign going great, and I was into the stuff here -- at least as far as I needed to be for our purposes. One of the tricks I was happy about was being able to use lots of plusses (+) for game data without incurring underscoring.

Fast forward past a hiatus, and we’re back with a new campaign, and … totally forgot how I did it. Can’t even find examples on my old wiki to copy from. Can anybody help me out and jog my memory? Thanks!


  • twiggyleaf
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    Just leave a space between the plus and the next word e.g. +(space)3 Ring of Protection.


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  • Langy
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    Alternatively, if you're Ascendant, use some CSS magic like this:

    ins {

    ins:before {

    ins:after {
  • wolfhound
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    Now I feel boring :) I just paste in the HTML for a plus


    I've done it for so long on OP I have it memorized ... sad.
  • jtokay
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    Awesome, thanks for all the tips!

    Langy, I’m a big fan of using CSS, though I’ve just started dipping my toe. How does that code get used, and does it override when I actually want to underline something?
  • Langy
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    That code just makes it so the +Text+ stuff won't be underlined and, instead, keep the plusses. If you actually want to underline something, you can still use Text.

    Install it by shoving it into the CSS box in your campaign settings section.
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