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One of our secret goals for the Reforging was to completely revamp the mobile version of the site. We had some ideas here, but since we weren't 100% sure we could pull it off, I decided to keep it a secret until we could fully test everything.

Now we're getting close, and everything is coming together just as we'd hoped. Think of it like getting a free gift as part of the Reforging. A fully redesigned site, with a greatly improved mobile version thrown in as a bonus!

Check out "the video":


  • Maesenko
    Posts: 325
    Checked out the video a couple days ago, happened to be on Vimeo at the time it posted. Looks great, but I have a Windows Phone, so I'm hoping it will work well with more than just iPhones.


    CotM Selection Committee

  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Yes, it will work with lots of different mobile devices. It's not iphone/android only and instead is based on screen-size resolutions. That's one of the reasons we choose to go with mobile web not a dedicated app in the app store.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,962
    Just want to say that this may be the best thing you have done! The big ? I have is have you tried editing across actual devices? I have had a lot of issues editing over both android and iphone in the current setup- and believe it or not, yes, gm's edit their sites on phones! Or would like to easier....

    Just trying to help out.

  • StoryMaster
    Posts: 12
    I am very much liking the look of this. One of my biggest frustrations with various sites is that the redirects to the mobile are forced and the mobile version does not have the access I need (Logins, certain features, in some cases they want you to use their aps so badly you can't even get off their apps page to a real website). I very much like that this is going to be simply a visual restructuring rather than a completely separate site that might not have functionality.
  • Maesenko
    Posts: 325
    It's been a week since Gen Con, and I've had a chance to tinker around with the mobile a bit. As I showed Micah at the meetup, it generally looks good on my phone, but there are a few issues I'd like to throw out there that I have encountered. If I can figure out how to post screens of my phone, I will. NOTE: I have a Windows 7 Phone, so my results may be a bit skewed from those with iPhone or Android.

    For now I'll just give a breakdown of what I've seen on the new profile page:
    * Generally speaking, the page displays much better when the phone is oriented horizontally.
    * The main site navigation bar (Home, Campaigns, Forums, etc.) wraps alright but takes up a bit too much space.
    * The bar that lists membership and badges overlaps itself (badges on top).
    * Campaigns works fine, no issues to be found there. Of course, I only have two, so it might be different for people that need the Read More function (see below).
    * Profile pic takes up a bit too much of the screen than I would like, might be better if rolled into the name and badges area (this goes for the computer version as well). If it's big vertical, it's outright gigantic when my phone is horizontal, though.
    * Favorite Campaigns works great initially, but I encounter some text-wrapping issues when I click the Read More button. These are most noticeable in vertical phone and practically disappear when I orient horizontally.
    * Friends for the most part will not even load the blank picture and as such gives broken image boxes with profile names peeking out. This is similarly true on the computer version, though it instead displays the name without a broken image box framing it. Clicking the See More button gave me a pleasant surprise: both orientations framed up very nicely on a grid with 5 spaces across and equal spacing down.
    * As for Friends' Activities, it only has one item listed, a character update from a year ago. It is here that I noticed the link-coloring issue (links are the same color as standard text) that I mentioned to Micah at Gen Con.

    In all, the functionality is there, but the page is a diamond in the rough at the moment. I know the mobile is a secondary function based on the code from the main site redesign, but I still wanted to give an update on what I am seeing so that it might be addressed later on in the reforging process or even in a future update after the main reforging is complete.

    I'll post again on other pages and such later. There will probably be some overlap in what I state, but that hopefully just means that it will make those parts more highlighted for polishing. I apologize if I come off too brutish, boorish, harsh or anything in this or any future posts of this nature. I really am liking what I am seeing thus far.


    CotM Selection Committee

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