Naming Issues in Adventure Logs


  • deadshot
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    When I make up an NPC or PC I put their full name in the name section but when I want to use their name in the adventure log I don't want the character slug to put in that full name every time. This breaks up the flow of the log when you are reading it to have everyone referred to by their full names but we need that for the NPC tracker. Anyway we can have an edit option on how that appears when we use the slug?

    For example, I have a former character called Janos ap Janos. I wanted to give his full name for the NPC tracker data but don't want to have it used in every sentence in the adventure log.

    For example, Khron and Janos ap Janos went to the tavern. Janos ap Janos ordered an ale. After paying for the drinks, Janos ap Janos asked Khron what he wanted to do next.
  • Micah
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    I actually fixed this a while back for exactly this reason. I noticed that a lot of adventure logs had this sort of jarring text in them. No one talks like that. I added the explanation to the wiki quick-help sidebar, but I don't think people really read that, especially once they get the basics of Textile.

    Anyways, to do what you're asking, just enclose in double brackets and use a line between the character slug and the display text.

    bq. [[janos-ap-janos | Janos]]

    This way you can get the text to flow a little better, while still have the linking. This also works for wiki pages like so:

    bq. [[Some wiki page | Display This Text]]
  • Kanis
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    I'm wanting to get a whole file of the code language(s) used since I'm a bit of completist (its a *curse*) and I love being to make the posts/characters/site look the way I envision it. Keep the tips coming.
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