Find Me a Mini: Female Paladin

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Hey there OPsters

I did a "sketch": and I'm trying to find a mini to match (yes it would probably be easier to do it the other way!)

Female Paladin. I'm flexible on the exact armour/weapon as long as it's full plate, but I'd like to match the face/hair as closely as possible.

Don't care what manufacturer and happy to customize (as best I can).
I've done a LOT of research myself but this worked so well last time, I thought I'd give it another go...

Thanks all


  • erwin
    Posts: 58
    any specific size?

    some reaper ones came to mind


    searching their miniatures section with "female plate": or "female paladin": or female etc, should bring up a nice selection
  • DamienMaster
    Posts: 34
    Thanks for the help Erwin

    I'm looking at the standard 'heroic' size which is 28/32mm I think (War hammer, Reaper, D&D Mini)

    And yes, all good! Though I have seen all these; I've trawled Reaper pretty thoroughly (I think) the armour is perfect on the first two, the third is closet to my sketch but it's a bit of a dodgey sculpt.

    Keep em coming guys!

  • negativeZach
    Posts: 1
    My wife uses this one for her paladin character and it's a really cool, dynamic model
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