Update to Rails 4.0

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One of the major efforts during May was upgrading to the latest version of of Ruby on Rails (ie. "Rails"), the core framework that Obsidian Portal is built upon. The latest version was still in beta-release, but it was close to finished, so we bit the bullet and did the upgrade.

Today they announced that "Rails 4.0 is official":http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2013/6/25/Rails-4-0-final/. Since we had done all the work already, switching to the official 4.0 release was a snap.

All that is to say: Obsidian Portal is on the cutting edge and the Reforging is being done with the best possible tools at our disposal.

And now back to work...


  • xb95
    Posts: 6
    Congrats on the update, and I hope you watch the security releases. Rails has been hit by a few bad ones lately, so it's good practice to just keep your eye on them...

    That said, I hope you're using memcached or Redis for caching snippets and things. Rails is kind of an unruly beast without some sort of assistance in keeping relatively static content served up quickly. ;)
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Yes to both. We're on top of security releases and also using memcached for caching. In the past we haven't done a lot of caching, but it's a big focus as part of the reforging in order to speed up page load times.
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