Drifters ~ Adventures in Time and Space

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What happens when the Covenant from the video game HALO invades Earth today? What would you do to stay alive as grunts and elites tear your home appart and kill off billions? Would you stand and fight with the resistance? Would you hide and become a scavenger? or would you sell out your people and join the alien forces? These questions and many more are being answered by my gaming group right now. Drifters takes us, the players playing ourselves as characters, and pits us against an alien invasion that begins on game night. It is a terrifying joy ride through hell as we watch our families get killed, loved ones eaten by Jackals, and freinds turn against friend.

The ultimate campaign goal is much more far reaching and will take us on a journey to other worlds, times, and dimensions. Using the EABA system we plan to explore the what ifs of "where would you go if you could go to any fantasy, sci fi, or historical place that you have ever read about?" If the characters survive the invasion they will travel to Car Wars, the Forgotten Realms, Barsoom, Pelucidar, Weird War One and Two, Robotech, the Perilous Lands, Tekumel, and many other places. Will you join as and follow our grand adventure? We hope you will and that you will share your thoughts along the way.

by the creators of "Star Trek Late Night":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/star-trek-late-night ~Winner of Duskreign's CotM and OP CotM
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