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In order to keep this from devolving into a free-for-all of feature requests and what-ifs, here are some things to keep in mind when participating in the Reforging discussions.

h3. Soliciting Feedback - Stay on Topic

If I start a thread soliciting feedback on a particular feature or page, please *stay on topic!* Answer my questions and voice your concerns about that particular feature or page. *I stop paying attention to any post that sneaks in unrelated feature requests*. It tells me that the poster is just brainstorming and spitballing ideas. Specific feedback topics are not the place for that.

h3. Requesting Features

If you want to request a feature, that's fine, but realize that the Reforging is not an attempt to add gobs and gobs of new features. Instead, the idea is to take the core feature set we have now and refine it to be much easier to navigate and use. Please try to keep your feature requests inside that mindset. Here's an example of what I mean:

Excellent: "Scrolling all the way down to the edit button on every wiki page is really a pain. It would be nice if the button were at the top somewhere, too."

Good: "Can we have a way to create wiki page templates so we don't have to copy/paste pages over and over?"

Bad: "Can you add a virtual tabletop so I can play my campaign online?"

The first one is a navigation issue that perhaps I didn't realize, but is definitely fixable. The second is a new feature, but exists in the mindset of making the wiki (the core of the site) easier to use. The last is a massive feature way outside of anything we do right now.

*Important!* Requests that fit within the mindset of refining what we already have will be taken very seriously. The further you stray from that, the more likely your request will be ignored.


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