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Thanks again for the PODCAST. I found this one particularly interesting. (Second Year Anniversary Show)
Firstly, although I knew of Jack Vance the writer I had never made the connection with his name and “Vancian Magic” so thanks helping me to realise that.

With regard to your asking WHY I listen and return, I am not sure. I have been listening to HASTE since the beginning and love it. It is also the ONLY podcast I listen to regularly. I guess it is because I am quite involved in OBSIDIAN PORTAL generally, building my own site, popping in to the forums, and flitting through some of the other campaigns. I usually find something interesting in the podcast. I suppose I am just generally intrigued as to what else is OUT THERE, and there are generally quite a wide range of topics and guests on HASTE.

I have been directed to many new links, sites, events, etc. that I might otherwise never had discovered for myself, and with the guest speakers presented, it is also good to hear these people’s views on the gaming community as a whole. I think the length of the podcast is perfect, by the way.

I feel differently to Gerry and Micah on the multiple campaigns question. Whereas they both recommend alternate weeks, I would do it in chunks of a few weeks at a time. I find this helps to build up the story, characters and context. In essence, you get time to GET INTO the character and flavour of the game. Sure enough, when the GM needs a break, move on to the next campaign and play that for a while before moving back to the other game, or a new one. And it is always good to alternate campaigns where possible – our group just prefers to extend and continue each game over a few sessions.

As for ideas about getting more feedback, perhaps you could do something like make a STICKY THREAD on the forums. Maybe call it POST HASTE! It might get more response than in the comments section below the podcast. By the way, I could not enter my comments today because a page came up saying: “Throttled…..too many access attempts!”

Happy Birthday!

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