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One of the questions I have is about the Natural Editing functionality. On my campaign pages I tend to create tables for information, which under the current editing suite, ends up almost randomly spaced. Is Natural Editing going to allow for a more "Word/Office" style of tables? Would it allow for a Copy/Paste from word (to work on something offline) straight into the editing page, and keep the formatting as is?

Thanks for all the hard work so far. I can't wait for the new look, even if I cant Tabulate like this ;).


  • Micah
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    It's a good question and I don't have an answer right now. We're still evaluating several different tools to allow for the natural editing. Like you can see in the video, it's pretty powerful, but there are a lot of details and questions to address like: Can we create tables? Can we edit the raw HTML? How does copy/paste work?

    So, I don't have great answers to these yet, but we're thinking about it.
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