"My what big banners you have."


  • MythicParty
    Posts: 78
    I like the new slogan ("The Story is the Game") and the dragon graphic is pretty damn cool. But the existing banner as-is takes up almost a 1/3 of the page. If it was a bit smaller, visitors would be able to see both the 'Featured Campaign' and the 'Featured Theme.'

    And those are whats important.
  • ryan
    Posts: 126
    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, it's pretty big.. We're working on a redesign trying to improve the usability of the site, and with the homepage we need to "sell" the site.. Thanks, again..
  • DarthKrzysztof
    Posts: 132
    I can see the Features, but I have a crazy-big monitor at home...
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    Naturally, my mind conjures up Monty Python and the "huge...tracts of land" joke.
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