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So, here we are. The reforging has been funded, and it's time for the backers to discuss what we want to see in the new and improved Obsidian Portal.

What are you looking for, people? Let's start some good-natured geek-chatter!


  • Llowellen
    Posts: 15
    A pet peeve that I've had, has been the email notifications of updates to pages.

    When I edit a page, I have the option to check or uncheck Players so that they do/do not receive an email that a page has been updated. But it doesn't seem to make any difference and random players are notified regardless of what boxes I check. This irritates players, if all I have done is fix typos or make a cosmetic change and they are bombarded with update emails.

    Otherwise, I love the look of the changes Micah has teased us with thus far and I'm very excited to see and learn more as we go.
  • Llowellen
    Posts: 15
    (btw is this the Beta Forum..?)
  • JustinMason
    Posts: 36 edited May 2013
    @Llowellen: I believe the setting to receive notification e-mails is controlled by each of the players. They can turn them off or on under the "Edit My Account" option on their individual profile pages.
    Email Notifications options on that page are: Receive notifications on ALL forum posts? / Receive notifications on ALL wiki edits? / Receive notifications on ALL character edits? The players whose boxes are checked when you make the edit/update are checked because they have it set to do so on their account. Also, yes. I believe this is the Reforged beta board.
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  • JustinMason
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    Personally, the only major overhaul I really absolutely wanted to see, was included in the Kickstarter campaign goals. That's an overhaul of the editing system. It's the most time consuming on my part presently as a DM, though the custom CSS addition a few months ago helped quite a bit with the manual code modifications for formatting. This idea of streamlined editing sounds/looks awesome. The current RTF platform has also scared away most of my non-code-oriented players from making their own updates to relevant pages because they get worried they'll break the layout on pages.
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  • Quixotic_Earthling
    Posts: 1 edited May 2013
    Is there going to be a map maker included? If not then perhaps a handy page to point people to where a database of known map making places on the net can help them? I see frequent ads on the side of OP and sometimes I do go after them, but I get scared away when I see things I have to try to understand. :`(

    Also theres the quick reference bar on the side when it comes to modifying text. There are other ways to code your text and make the page look really cool. Either I'm missing out and there already is a database for those awesome things or yall could expand on it a bit more and maybe link an entire page to new formatting codes?

    Am I making any sense?
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  • JustinMason
    Posts: 36
    @Quixotic: Well, maps are so varied for different genre and platforms. However, there are hundreds of free compiled maps that can be downloaded at if you do a search for "Free" "Map" ( Also there is where Todd Gamble puts up one of his new maps each week; some really great quality work included. Also, there are a ton of free map generators at: (as well as a bushel of other fantastic randomized generators). If you're needing a cave map, there's a great random generator for those here: and if you want a web-based "mapping" software that will allow you to save and export your creation, be sure to check out: (which is relatively easy to use). If you need a village or city map generator, another dungeon map generator, inn map generator, or world map generator, check out Inkwell Ideas: Hope that helps out. :) There are tons of great options out there, so my guess is that OP will leave the "generation/creation" aspect of things like maps to other resources --- of course that's just my guess.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,994
    @Quixotic: Try this page as well, on the "forum":

    Just trying to help out.

  • MarkGiguere
    Posts: 53
    No, these are not the BETA forums.

    @MOD: The beta forums don't really work. When you try to add a message, the drop down does not offer the possibility of adding it the the BETA area (ID=15). And, as I mentionned elsewhere, PLEASE change your forum software, this one is not that good. Plenty of good free ones out there.
  • Quasimotocar
    Posts: 12
    So, if I'm a backer, should I be seeing a Beta category? :) Still working out some kinks I guess. Really looking forward to this though.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,994
    They are working on a fix.

    Just trying to help out.

  • lordmhor
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    It is refreshing that the Beta forum is still in Beta itself. Greetings!
  • saethone
    Posts: 153
    Quasi, only if you backed at the "Tinkerer" level or above.
  • Leonidas300
    Posts: 273
    As a lower end user (I.e - not someone who has a ton of CSS - stuff); I would like to suggest these two thoughts:

    1st - easier integration of excel based documents into a wiki-page. I do not/would not expect a much or any excel functionality once it is put in but if it could retain formatting that would be a huge bonus.

    2nd - I'd like to see a "Campaign Members Only" designation on wiki-pages and forum posts. In the spirit of the OP community; I keep my campaign open to the public however there are certain pages/conversations I'd rather keep private. Right now there is nothing like that for forum posts and only the DM only box on wiki's (but if you promote everyone to a co DM, then you can't do prep work on the portal without them being able to access it.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,994
    Leonidas- I heavily use the player secret section, so that the public does not see "behind the curtain"
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    Just trying to help out.

  • twiggyleaf
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    Hey Leonidas

    I am fully with you on the ability to import Excel documents. Would be particularly good for updating XP Tables. It is such a "grind" keeping this updated in web-style tables.

    Killer's idea of using the PLAYER SECRET section seems to be perfect for your second wish.

    As with Hoptowngamenight, I am REALLY looking forward to easy edit option.

    Another thing I have always wished for is printable options for DST character sheets. I don't think this was an advertised goal, but I'm sure it would make many people happy.

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  • Nightfalcon
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    As someone who isn't particularly computer savey, (I'm older then dirt but do remember that sand was invented before I was born) there are things I like and things I want.

    1. Being able to format text at the push of a button on all screens (sometimes I can, sometimes I can't) and a drop down with the coding for things that are less usual.

    2. Character sheets that work and are printable.

    3. The ability to set who can view a page to include individual campaign members

    4. An edit feature that allows me to pull up a copy of a document, make changes, save it but it doesn't get published until I check it back in and replace the existing document. That way, I only have to worry once about sending updates on pages to individuals rather than each time I save. It's possible that the natural editing will do this but I'm not sure. Basically I'd like to do editing of existing pages and not have to worry about spamming my players if I forget to adjust the distribution list. Even if we could lock the page distribution list would be great. Same could be said for default settings.

    5. The ability to include attachments.
  • Leonidas300
    Posts: 273
    Thanks Kiilervp,

    I did not even consider the players only section (Umm... too long a DM, have been I).

    yeah Twiggs - you all know how fond of tables I am (lol) this feature alone would have saved countless hours of formatting.

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  • JaymesBolton
    Posts: 278
    I would really love to see a drop down button similar to the "spoiler button" you see in a lot of internet forums. This would be specially useful for character sheets and for table of contents/introduction logs.


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