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I realize this is predominantly a roleplaying crowd, but surely there must be a bundle of us who play other sorts of games.

I'm a pretty avid gamer on top of my gaming (see, I can words with the best of them!), dipping my toes into some pretty esoteric titles here and there, and was wondering if there were any other gamers out there who were looking for some pixel-bashing buddies.

I'm on Steam most days, and have a fairly diverse selection of games at my fingertips, and would love to game with a group of likeminded individuals.

In terms of things I play relatively often, I have some fun with Arma 2 (both in DayZ and out - my favorite right now is a procedurally generated battleground), Company of Heroes, Minecraft, Borderlands2, Torchlight 2, and more recently have been getting back into Starcraft 2. I play to have fun, rather than for winning and bashing people, and I get the feeling that most people on here would be the same. I occasionally dip into the Secret World as well.

If there's interest, maybe we can put together a steam or skype group or something and have some fun times!



  • magavendon
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    I spend most of my free time playing games on my computer. Although, I don't really play anything regularly. I have been playing a bunch of Minecraft (Yogscraft FTB) recently, as well as on and off playing SWTOR or DDO. I do own Borderlands 2 if you'd like someone to play that with. I can "focus" on a game, but I spread my free time out so much that it usually takes me a long time to finish anything.

    Anyway, the point of my reply is that I wouldn't mind joining a group, but I might not be all that active in it.
  • RedStorm2013
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    Well, I play SWTOR, WoW, Rifts, LOTRO, CO, and a few other MMO's when I can. Mostly SWTOR right now, as I have been RPing alot there lately.

    I'm also hooked on The Sims and SimCity. Not that I have alot of free time (and even less now that I joined a gaming group. Pathfinder is fun, but Alot to learn if you've not played D7D since 2nd edition.)

    Also enjoy spending time with my friends and family playing board games, everything ranging from Monopoly to Arkham Horror

    Red Storm
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  • saethone
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    I play mostly Xbox - just finished Bioshock Inifinite, working on Assassins Creed 4, Walking Dead, and Borderlands 2 now. On the computer I play League of MMOs I'm really interested in until Camelot Unchained comes out probably.
  • RaseCidraen
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    So I was doing some digging, and it looks like the Portal already has some Steam representation! "Here": is a link to the steam group, where I've recently signed up. If you spot me online (Tag is Crash), give me a shout if you want to play!

    I've heard that there's a Neverwinter guide of Portaliers, but I haven't gone and downloaded that yet (Don't get mad at me Gaaran!)

    I've got SWTOR hanging around, but have yet to install it. I wish there was a way to play boardgames online, because there are some that seem geared for it and also are amazing fun, like Pandemic and Ticket to Ride!

    Ahh, Saethone, I play some League as well! I'm rubbish, but have enjoyed my time there despite the vitriolic community. Hit me up if you ever need a partner on the fields of battle!

  • saethone
    Posts: 153
    nice rase - if you want to add me, i am saethone on both xbox and LoL
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