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Ahoy OP'rs!

I've been loving this site for a few years and have really ramped up our Pathfinder's Campaign: The Awakening of the Desert King. What would you extremely helpful folks suggest would be the first step to making my OP page look a bit more shiny like some of those that have been featured in Campaign of the Month ?


  • madartiste
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    Well, just from a first glance, your wiki section is completely empty. You should at least swap out the default text for something personalized. I would also recommend trying to find portraits for all PCs and NPCs. Making them the default 256px X 256px usually makes things look cleaner but that might be a matter of preference. You should go through and make sure every character has some kind of information in the description and bio sections. Leaving them blank isn't particularly helpful. You could also try centering the image that's on your home page since it doesn't stretch the whole width of that section but is too long to really float any text around.

    Looks like a good start on the content for the adventure logs, however. :)
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