“Greater Fun with Lesser Dragons”

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THE BOOK OF DRAKES by Adam Daigle and Mike Welham

At the end of last year, I purchased the Midgard Campaign Setting by Wolfgang Baur and decided to use Midgard as my next campaign. Since then, I have been reading through it, assimilating information, working slowly on my "MIDGARD WIKI":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/mysteria/wikis/main-page and adding to my arsenal of PDFs by one or two every month. That is why I only recently discovered THE BOOK OF DRAKES, but having acquired it, I think it is one of the most interesting resources I have discovered in recent years and hereby commend it to the house!

I love dragons and most draconic things and I am guessing this is not abnormal among fantasy role players. Some of you might remember that I previously promoted a resource link for sample dragons. This is still an excellent player aid for any D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder GM and can be found at "THIS LINK":http://d20npcs.wikia.com/wiki/Sample_Dragons .

However, sometimes you might feel a full dragon is too much for a low level party, or maybe you are just sick of sending in juvenile dragons to the slaughter. By use of THE BOOK OF DRAKES, I can recommend an excellent resource with some very interesting alternatives.

There is no link for this but it is available on either Kobold Press or Paizo sites and, although it is geared specifically for a Midgard campaign, it is an excellent addition to any fantasy system, with numerous working examples usable in Pathfinder or D&D 3.5 systems.

Here’s what you get:
A whole chapter defining DRAKES and their place in the world, including ten drakes of note.
A chapter on PLAYERS AND DRAKES with feats, spells, items, alternate class abilities, etc. (This is not something that hooks me – I am an OLDSKOOL “dragons are monsters” kind of guy – but it might work for some.)
A chapter on GAME MASTERS AND DRAKES – This is where you get all your various types that you can spring on your players – not all are enemies – Alehouse Drakes can be a source of fun to roleplay in any tavern, whereas a Prismatic Drake is a CR14 Monster that you can pitch against your party without fear of ridicule. All in all you get stats for 20 specimens, each with great descriptions and wonderful illustrations. I can’t praise it enough!

I sure hope this is useful for some of my fellow OPiates!

Credits below:
Book of Drakes by Adam Daigle and Mike Welham
Edited by Christopher Bodan
Graphic Design: Carrie Winters
Cover Artist: Kieran Yanner
Interior Artist: Hugo Solis
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    I love the idea of this, twiggyleaf! I just wish I were in a situation where I could take advantage of the system. Unfortunately, introducing drakes into my current campaign would turn it into a big mess!

    Still, it sounds like a great resource!
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