A few Feature Requests

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Had a few ideas for things I'd personally like to see. I have no idea how much effort any of this would take though.

1. Automatic Wiki page tagging - Upon creation a wiki page should be tagged with one or more (configurable) automatic tags such as the default 'unfinished'. That way you can click on the tag and see what all you have yet to complete. I think that'd be very handy.

2. Per Campaign player achievements/badges - I've actually been trying to implement this on my own but without code behind it, it has become to large a PITA to actually use. Essentially a GM would be able to upload a small icon (no bigger than 100 x 100 and there could be defaults) or link to an image on the net, with a configurable title and description. Then be able to assign it to specific players or characters. When you view the character in the character list or the player's profile you could have a section for achievements/badges.

3. Table sorting by column - I could have sworn I came across someone on here that had character information in a table that could be sorted. But after poking around I'm guessing I saw it someplace else. There is apparently a java script that allows you to do this with tables. That would be very handy to be able to organize our many tables.

4. Customization per game initiative tracker - This would be a 'nice to have' type feature. Basically a game agnostic table that you can add PC's and their initiative order to. Perhaps with a 'next init' button to move from combatant to combatant, a clear button to clear all entries, an add button that allows you to add character records or a line you can type in to add stuff like 'Random Thug #1' who doesn't have a character sheet. I think it should be a separate or popup window so that we can use it during table top gaming.

5. A Sound board / manager - Another "nice to have" feature, though I imagine this would be a lot of work. Essentially create a pop up window that acts like Softrope or Syrinscape. You can mix together scenes with music and sound effects that you can set to loop or spawn at random intervals. I should be able to link to sounds on the net only mostly because I think this would involve a hella lot of storage space for OP if they started hosting sounds too. Yes I could use Syrinscape or Softrope, but then I have to make sure the storage medium I have my sound files on is available wherever I game. Whereas if the links were all stored here I could just fire it up anywhere I had a net connection.

6. Different dice styles for dice roller - Dresden/FATE dice would be nice, + and - and [ ] instead of 4xd6. Shadowrun style exploding dice. Target numbers. Maybe something with poker cards in case we want to roll out some classic Deadlands.

I'm liking what I see so far guys. Definitely worth the subscription fee.



  • Lexicon1971
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    I'm a new blooded paying member as well.
    It would be awesome if I could use the email feature to send images...


  • andreww38
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    @Jim -

    Could you tell me more about how you would use the ability to send images?
    How would it compare vs creating wiki pages and have players come to them to view updates?

    If it will enrich the gaming experience for most users, we'd definitely take a look at it.
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