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For the campaign browse and search features, I'd really like to see some kind of sorting and filtering options as, sometimes I'm not necessarily interested in only the most popular campaigns. Examples follow.

Sort by (ascending or descending):
* popularity
* last updated date
* created date
* name
* created by

Filter by
* last updated date - updated in the last week, this month, last month, last three months, last six months, last year, custom date range.
* created date - (same as above).
* game system - "any" and "unspecified" options plus either a drop-down menu of supported systems or (better) an autocomplete text box ("Autocomplete Demo at jQuery UI":
* name - starting with a specific letter, starting with a substring, containing a substring
* created by - (same as above)

*{color:red}UPDATE:* _Okay, so I just noticed the sort/filter options in the right hand sidebar. As a UX specialist in "real life" my first suggestion is that I hope the Reforge makes these easier to find. Also, as you can see from my lists there's a few more of each I'd like to see, including the ability to do switch between ascending and descending order._
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