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Hi everyone!

I have the following use case and idea of implementation. I apologize profusely if this can already be done or if it is a terrible idea.

As a GM running a game I would like to:
* Run a session in meatspace
* Award experience points online
* Have characters see their new experience online and possibly level up. If they level up, they can go ahead an increase their skills according to the rules of the game (pathfinder in this case).
* Before the next game, print out shiny updated sheets right from the server.

In other words, all the playing happens around a table while all the bookkeeping happens online.

Now, advancement and character creation is tricky business, especially because I have a bunch of RPG n00bs who aren't completely comfortable in the system. The application PCGen (http://pcgen.sourceforge.net) has tons of built in logic and game databases that guide users through the leveling/creation process (for pathfinder and d&d).

Implementation idea:
* Modify PCGen to "sync" with an Obsidian Portal game using the rest api.

The only thing that I'm unsure of is the dynamic sheet data. If I make a field called "experience" in the json object when I do a create/update, will it actually be stored? I couldn't see a field for it in the online pathfinder sheet on the obsidian site.

Cheerio and happy nerding,
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