Beyond Human RPG (Play by post)

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BEYOND HUMAN – A play by post RPG.
aberration ab•er•ra•tion (âb'ə-râ'shən)
A departure from the normal or typical.
A psychological disorder or abnormal alteration in one's mental state.
A defect of focus, such as blurring in an image.
An imperfect image caused by a physical defect in an optical element, as in a lens.
A deviation in the normal genetic structure or number of chromosomes in an organism.
- Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
Our history is filled with stories of heroes; legendary beings who fought against the odds and performed impossible tasks. In ancient times they spoke with Gods, fought mythical creatures, even took war to the Gods themselves sometimes. As centuries passed, the stories changed. Gods were forgotten or replaced, and Prophets brought words and teachings. Men grew up from the ranks and became war leaders and scholars, following dreams and carving them out of the ever-expanding world. Conquests were led, revolutions overthrew tyranny, individuals inspired millions and brought change to nations.
Depending on your particular history books, these people are remembered as either great leaders, or terrible villains. In any case, legends formed around them and continued long after their death.

They were Aberrants. Looking back now, we can see the seeds of the current times already growing, even in our pre-history. A few at a time, spread around the world, making their mark and often despised for it. Someone, somewhere, brought them down when they became too powerful, too great.

The only trouble is, we didn’t know there were more coming. We didn’t know what they were. The stories didn’t get it at all…
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