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Hi, My name's Amory.
I've just started GMing for the new Iron Kingdoms RPG for two groups in Hawaii. I've been using Obsidian Portal as a player for about two years in the Abderraz campaign, but I've just started using it as a GM to track my games...because to be honest, I get them confused sometimes :D I set two groups in the same world and hope to have them interact indirectly for now, and maybe directly in the future.

I'm looking forward to documenting here and learning from all the other gamers using the site and the forum. I also just started listening to the Haste! podcast this week and am absorbing all the RPG goodness.

I've been gaming since elementary school in the 80's...starting off in the barely-lit basement of the church while my aunt and grandparents were in choir practice...good times. After dabbling in magic, WHFB, 40k, and D&D for a few decades, I discovered Warmachine about two years after it was released. I love the setting and the minis and the system. I tried to use the first edition of the IK RPG (Have almost all the books still), but I had a hard time wrapping my head around the system and mechanics, but the content was worth it just for the fluff. The story hook sections for each monsteronomicon entry were a stroke of brilliance. With this recent edition, I decided to pick it up and it is so much easier to understand and get started quickly. Anyway, I love minis and terrain building so I am an avid advocate of fully painted wargaming and am working on trying to bring that to the RPG to realize in models all of the things that exist in the story...well at least the parts that exist during combats. We'll see how it works out.


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    Welcome to the Portal Amory! Ask any questions-lots of friendly folks around here!
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    Just trying to help out.

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    Hi Amory and welcome to OP

    As another veteran gamer that started in the early eighties I wish you well on your GMing venture. I ran the IK Witchfire Trilogy and enjoyed it but our group is fully immersing in Pathfinder now and my next campaign in 2014 will be set in Wolfgang Bauer's "Midgard": . New games and their mechanics always appear unwieldy at first but the more you play, the easier it becomes. Just remember that you have the power to give the players what they want - adventure - so don't get too bogged down with the rules at first!

    Real minis and terrain are a great way to help bring a campaign to life so if you have the time to set up, it's usually always good. We don't really have the options in our games for setting up terrain but we always use minis and a grid mat.

    Best of luck going forward!

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