2010 Campaigns of the Month

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h1. 2010 Campaigns of the Month:

h3. * February's Campaign of the Month: "Donner und Sturm":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/donner-und-sturm/

h3. * March's Campaign of the Month: "Forgotten Realms - The Savage North":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/forgotten-realms-the-savage-north/

h3. * April's Campaign of the Month: "The Westerlands":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/the-westerlands/

h3. * May's Campaign of the Month: "Bryn Mawr":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/bryn-mawr/

h3. * June's Campaign of the Month: "Age of Legends":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/junes-featured-campaign-age-of-legends/

h3. * July's Campaign of the Month: "Shadowrun - Into the Breech":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/julys-featured-campaign-shadowrun-into-the-breach/

h3. * August's Campaign of the Month: "The Melekar Chronicles"://http://blog.obsidianportal.com/augusts-featured-campaign-the-melekar-chronicles/

h3. * September's Campaign of the Month: "Library of howling":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/septembers-featured-campaign-library-of-howling/

h3. * October's Campaign of the Month: "Wyrmshadow":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/octobers-featured-campaign-system-wyrmshadow/

h3. * November's Campaign of the Month: "Cthulhu Supremus Est":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/novembers-featured-campaign-cthulhu-supremus-est/

h2. * _2010 Campaign of the Year_: "Wyrmshadow"http://blog.obsidianportal.com/octobers-featured-campaign-system-wyrmshadow/
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