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I have recently moved my wold of Elaythia onto Obsidian Portal and I have finally finished the non-GM portions of the site. I still need to finish up a few more links but the artwork and maps on them are still in the process of being completed. I am about to start the first campaign in Elaythia since moving my material online and I have a few beginners in the group. I am looking for honest and constructive comments on the flow and accessibility of the website. Some of the artwork has been done by one of my best friends from high-school who has other web-stories as well. Please try to avoid trolling, and I will delete any comments that are negative towards anyone in particular. Thank you in advance for any insights or thoughts. My CSS skills are minimal at best, but I am hoping to try to jazz up the site as they improve.




  • pabarianis
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    Well, after looking again, I have a few more areas to fill in than I thought, but I would still welcome any feedback!
  • twiggyleaf
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    Welcome to Obsidian Portal, pabarianis!

    Elaythia looks good. The wiki is well organised and the content is pretty cool. I also found it easy to navigate through with the help of your inserted links. The site will probably look a lot more lively when you have some pictures up. I enjoyed reading about your previous campaigns.

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  • Langy
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    The wiki is well organized, but there are a few things I'd change. I'm not going to recommend going into as much super-detail as we've done on my campaign site since it's a lot of work to come up with a cool fully-custom look, but some things just beg to be changed even when keeping the basic look.

    First, remember the tools you have at your disposal. You can create tables on your wiki using Textile coding - I'd use this to replace the Dragon Rider's stat-table with something like this:

    | *Class Level* | *Special* |
    | 1 | Dragon Bond, Saddle Steady |
    | 2 | Bonus Dragon Feat, Fly by Attack |
    | 3 | |
    | 4 | Bonus Dragon Feat |
    | 5 | Saddlefree |


    Second, remember you can use (media-item-align-left) and (media-item-align-right); these would allow you to, for example, set the images for the different deities to 'float' next to the text about the deities, removing the ugly blank white space next to those pictures. Alternatively, use (media-item-align-center) to center those images, putting them in the middle of the page.

    Third, your site's home page is ugly as sin. That background you're using really doesn't work well at all. If I wanted a 'parchment'-style background, I'd definitely use something else - probably with either everything that's not the parchment either white or transparent. Also, since you aren't using that background through the rest of the site it doesn't really fit, either. I'd recommend just ditching it.
  • pabarianis
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    Thanks Langy!

    I really appreciate the alignment bit, that will help quite a lot. As for the parchment... I was experimenting on my in-law's laptop, and would you know it, but the thing bugged out on me right after I tried THAT parchment of all choices... I am hoping to fix it as soon as my weekend of running about town is over. Thanks for confirming my aesthetic eye though...
  • pabarianis
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    How involved would it be to change the whole background of the site rather than just the background of the text field?
  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    I wouldn't bother trying if you aren't an Ascendant member, as keeping it uniform across the entire site is something you'd need to be able to edit CSS to do. If you want the big bar all down the center to have a single background, then you need CSS - it's the 'content' div, so you'd do something like:

    div content{
  • Leonidas300
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    Langy's site is beautiful so I cannot add anything of value to his suggestions on looks; I can give you a table you might like though. (the and is used so the table code will display here on the forum)

    table{width:730px;border:1px solid black;font-family:arial}.
    {background:#666;color:white}. |\6=. +*Table 1-1: Alternate Bard*+ |\8=. +*Spells per Day*+ |
    {background:#666;color:white}. |={width:35px}. *Level* |={width:85px}. *BAB* |={width:35px}. *Fort* |={width:35px}. *Ref* |={width:35px}. *Will* |*Special* |={width:25px}. *1* |={width:25px}. *2* |={width:25px}. *3* |={width:25px}. *4* |={width:25px}. *5* |={width:25px}. *6* |
    {background:#ddd}. |=. 1st |=. +0 |=. +0 |=. +2 |=. +2 | Bardic Knowledge, Bardic performance, cantrips, countersong, distraction, fascinate, inspire courage +1, Bard Powers |=. 2 |=. - |=. - |=. - |=. - |=. - |
    {background:white}. |=. 2nd |=. +1 |=. +0 |=. +3 |=. +3 | Well-versed, Bard Powers |=. 3 |=. - |=. - |=. - |=. - |=. - |
    {background:#ddd}. |=. 3rd |=. +2 |=. +1 |=. +3 |=. +3 | Inspire Confidence |=. 3 |=. 1 |=. - |=. - |=. - |=. - |
    {background:white}. |=. 4th |=. +3 |=. +1 |=. +4 |=. +4 | Bard Powers |=. 3 |=. 2 |=. - |=. - |=. - |=. - |

    the forums don't allow for the true display of this table, if you want to go "here":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/metzger/wikis/alternate-class-bard

    you can see what it displays like on a wiki

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  • Baalshamon
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    Peter, "Here is the link to your campaign":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/elaythia Overall it looks pretty good, I like the table offered by Leo alot and would suggest trying it out.

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