Star Wars Rogue Traders for COTY

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A long time ago (about a year and a half) in a galaxy far, far away (Australia) the crew of the 'The Traitor's' Gambit' (5 geeks) decided to pit their abilities, wits, blasters and character points against the dangers of travel and trade on the outer rim and beyond.

Star Wars: Rogue Traders started as an idea 10 years ago to explore the grey side of the Star Wars universe through the WEG D6 system. Some 60+ sessions later, we are still going strong, playing weekly and enjoying one of the most fun and rewarding campaigns I've ever participated in…

And participate my players have, providing the hundreds of entries that make up the Adventure log. If your'e a reader of our site, you'll know that every entry is the first person account of the characters themselves, sometimes dramatic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes at odds with one anther but always entertaining, it's to my players that I attribute our wonderful site.

I decided to use Obsidian Portal as a way to track and record a 'flexible' game; as a bit of a vehicle to produce some Star Wars art (I illustrate the site) and… If I have to be honest, to win COTM…

Well, in May, we did… which means, like 11 other fantastic campaigns by some of this communities most awesome GMs (and all round good guys/geeks) we are up for COTY.

Please check out or site and consider us for your vote!

And even if you don't vote for us, make sure you vote for one of those other hard working GMs- it means a lot to us!

Thanks to all our favouriters, my community friends and the guys behind OP Micah, Ryan, and Jerry.

Many Gungans died to bring you this information… Many more will die if you vote for us…


  • DamienMaster
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  • Leonidas300
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    "Many Gungans died to bring you this information… Many more will die if you vote for us…"

    That is the best enticement I have seen so far, my own included, well done DamienMaster

    Leonidas300 approves of the death of Gungans but disapproves of loosing so I must vote another way but cannot disapprove if someone wants to throw a few Gungans on the barbie.

    "A Manifestation of Chaos":
  • Leonidas300
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    and I would look forward to a feast of Gungan-que should ye win.
  • Dyluth
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    Yours is certainly one of my favourite campaigns running right now, and the visuals that you've created are just stunning my friend.

    You have my vote and good luck on your adventures yet to come :)
  • DamienMaster
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    Thanks to all who voted for us in the 2012 COTY, we are always touched by the many messages over the last couple of years of compliments and support.

    But... Congratulations to Rrouillard on a well deserved Campaign, make sure you check it and all the other contenders out!

    I actually just sent a message to one of those other contenders telling them I thought THEY were going to win... Guess I should have read the BLOG first... Sorry...

    AND... Lastly, that guy up there above me- Dyluth, 2013 is your year mate, get your campaign out there!

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