Greeting from Argentina to the World

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Greeting from Argentina...

I'm talking form Buenos Aires City and I exploring this cool site. I'm open to everybody but my english is not so good.
Are there people from Latin America, Argentina, Spain or somebody spanish/spanglish speaker?

Well, no matter so much but I was writting my own D&D 3.5/d20 world/Universe (Well, basically all ambients in one and much more!). So, I'll try to put a party online in Obsidian Portal

Thanks to everybody and see you soon!
Saludos amigos del mundo!

Pablo Natural


  • Pils
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    ¡Hola Pablo Natural, y bienvenido al Obsidian Portal!

    Disculpa por mi español aproximada, entiendo pero no lo habla suficientemente para escribir...

    If you want some help, many people here will be glad to help you, just ask!

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    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

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    Hi and Welcome, PabloNatural

    I hope you find Obsidian Portal to be a great base for your campaign and wish you well as you continue to grow with it.

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