Proper formatting for tags?

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Hello, I'm very new to the site and Textile usage in general. I'm wondering if anyone can clue me in on the proper formatting for using tags? Whenever I do it, individual tags seem to come out as a group... for example, I want to tag an NPC as "male," "human," and "friendly," but the tag seems to come out as "male, human, friendly."


If anyone could help with this I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you. :)


  • Savannah
    Posts: 188
    Tags should be enclosed by quotes and separated by spaces. So for your example you should enter:

    "male" "human" "friendly"

    If, for example, you wanted to have 'human male' as a tag, you would instead enter:

    "human male" "friendly"
  • Bret_
    Posts: 18
    Oh dear. When I read that line on the page I read "enclosed by quotes and separated by COMMAS." Sigh.

    Thank you again, Savannah. Learning new things is apparently difficult, but I greatly appreciate your help. :)
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