Looking for D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder game, online play

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I'm looking to join a D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder game to get back into tabletop RPGs. Preferably I'd like to join an online Skype, chat, or play-by-post game, but I'm also open to games in the Boston metro area that are pubtrans accessible. I particularly like games that are heavy on roleplaying/storytelling. I have a paladin character drawn up from a game that never got off the ground, but I'd also be happy to play pretty much anything else. I'm mainly available in the early evening (5-10EST) or on weekends.

I'd consider other gaming systems that are fantasy, steampunk, or light horror so long as you don't mind me needing some handholding while learning the rules ;-)


  • DarkholdGM
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    I have a new path finder game starting soon. It is a mid level game. you can have up to a CR 4 in level adjustments. Starting Level is 10th. Is a high magic eberron setting. We will be starting out of the city of ptolus but the campaign can expand as deemed by players. We play Weds & Sun from 9:00 EST to 11:30+. I(f you have any questions please contact me at

    baronsenill[email protected]
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