Play as monsters and keeping it balanced in 4E dnd

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The wizard in my game has had an accident and is trapped inside his orb. for the time being, he has the stats of a Brain in a Jar from the Open Grave book. I mainly focus on story and roleplaying, so balance isn`t really that big of a deal to me, but do I need to alter anything if I want to keep it balanced?

In a previous game i ran that I never got to finish, one of the players was behind all the goings on and was supposed to team up with the monsters in the final climax. How would I balance it so there was a 50/50 chance who would win?

Can I take a monster straight out of the mm and let a player run it straight out of the book, ifthe player doesn`t want to pick and choose powers and all that goes in to characyer building and keep track ow all the powers and feat? Can I with non or only minor and simple alterations keep it balanced somehow?

Basicaly all I`m asking is what a monster is worth compared to a player in terms of game mechanics. Is a standard, elite or solo monster the same as a player character of the same level or some levels bellow or above?


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    In my game, when my players are playing NPC (or monsters, since it's the same thing in 4E), I use the Companion characters rules found in the "Dungeon Master's Guide 2": : they are similar to a PC in term of hit point for example (monsters have many hp compared to a PC!), but they have fewer powers, are more "simple" to play, but are always balanced.

    You can find some of my companions characteristics "HERE": (it's in french, but it's very simple to understand the score. You could even go to the main page and check the translate icon to have the flavor text in almost understandable english.

    I hope it will help you.

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    Thanks a lot man!:) And viva Dark Sun!
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