The Map-function aka "Yay, cool! Aaaarghhrrr"

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So, quite fond of the map function, but there's a couple of things that bug me.

a) It has to be a square. Why? I take it there's a good reason for this, but it seems incredibly arbitrary.

b) The level of zoom - it almost might as well not be there. There's 3 levels, and 1 of them just ends up showing a grey box around your map. The actual effect of this is, that if you happen to type out/link something/place a table of some size in the "info" section of the map markers, it'll innevitably zoom out into a gray part of the map rather than keep it nice and centered.

In fact, the most grevious thing in my mind is probably the latter part. I just don't see a good reason to have a zoom function rather than a nice centered map function if only 2 of the levels of zoom actually do anything.


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    Those are FAIR ENOUGH points. Seeing how OP has improved in so many ways over the last few years, I think I could second Mikkel in requesting an improvement of the map thing on both his points (a) and (b).

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    Obviously I agree :)
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