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Trying to make some tables for my campaign in textile,


I seem to be stumped as to how you add more properties to a cell.

For instance: If I want to center a cell, I add '=' followed by a '.'

If I want to make a cell span 2 columns, I add '\2.' So far so good. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to both center it and make it span 2 columns. Is this even possible in Textile or do I need to learn HTML for that?



  • C0rvidae
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    It took a bit of trial and error but it appears that if you use "\2=." you can get both effects at once. For some reason swapping the order doesn't work.

    I've only been using Textile for the past few days so someone a bit more familiar with it might be able to explain why. In any case, hope that helps!
  • mikkelbassenielsen
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    Cheers! Very helpful, though it does raise a few questions about Textile, which I haven't been able to answer through searches.

    Again, thanks.
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