Please please DONT tell me that...


  • Idless
    Posts: 58

    Okay after camling down, I see there is a Check Box, to toggle the entire page to GM Only, ans thats ON is a default... phew... the other thing could have been bad. Then its just weird design, and not a disaster.


    That after the last change, all that is under the GM section, was actually suddenly under a PUBLIC Gm section and had to be moved to the GM GM section!

    Please don't tell me that I had PERSONAL notes about persons lying public? thats not exactly how you wrote it in the anouncement!

    OMG please please

    Also secret Character notes, public GM section... what is a public GM section anyways?


  • DMaple
    Posts: 63
    You can write up pages in advance, with the GM Only tag on, putting information you want to be public at the future date in the Public section, and information you want GM only in that section, but until you untick the GM Only box only you can see it. Then when you do untick it, you don't have to edit the page for the players to see what you want.

    When the patch came any page that shared the same name in the DM and player wiki, the DM page information went into the GM only section of the public page. If the page had no identical name in the player wiki, then it all went into the Public section of the wiki page, but the page was set GM Only, so no one could see stuff.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894's not too obvious which are gm-only and which aren't. i got everything working (and well tested...) but didn't spend enough time on the interface.

    it's on the todo list
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