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So, I decided to create some simple starter templates to help people out who have little to no CSS ... but would like to change the default look of their Obsidian Portal site. By no means do I only plan to do three (and hopefully I'm not alone) but I think this is a good start. The Obsidian Portal community has always been good to me, and this is my way of paying back/paying forward.

Simple Series
I tried to make these "simple" ones as "plug and play" as possible. No wonky fonts or images or anything like that. They should function as a great starting point for much more complicated stuff.

* "Black & Red":
* "Black & Green":
* "Black & Blue":

Basic Theme Series
These have some images and possibly use Google Fonts, they're still "simple" in that there's no complex CSS going on and it's still basically just a skin over the default Obsidian Portal layout. Images are selected from royalty free stock/sites.

* "The Innkeeper's Ledger": (generic and suitable for fantasy)
* "iMetallic": (suitable for generic modern day/sci-fi)


  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    I'll take that as a compliment. :)

    "iMetallic": has been added to the above list.
  • Savannah
    Posts: 188
    Those are amazing!
  • madartiste
    Posts: 328
    Wolfhound, this is a great idea. Very generous of you!
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    Really very cool!!
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "Duskreign's First Ever COTM":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":

    Just trying to help out.

  • nico144
    Posts: 7
    this is fantastic! thank you so much! =D
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    My pleasure, hope they're of use.
  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
    Posts: 358
    Very cool contribution to the community! If I ever get around to rebooting the look of the campaign(s) I may give one or more of these a spin!

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  • GM_SAeons
    Posts: 1
    Hey Wolfhound your designs are much appreciated and would like to thank for your generosity. But some reason the The Innkeeper's Leager is playing up, the background colour is red no longer paper like. Message me how to fix this problem please
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    I think its a problem with all custom backgrounds at the moment.

    Something in the CSS is broke with apostrophes.
  • JaymesBolton
    Posts: 278
    Ok need to finally take time and try to make this coding work for me this month. Grumble...CSS and I do not get along.


    "Changing History":
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    There was some issue with the artwork recently, iMetallic is still broken but I believe I've repaired Innkeeper's Ledger (you may need to cut and paste the new CSS)
  • eiredrake
    Posts: 9 edited February 2013
    Edit: Nevermind... Found it. Thanks anyway though! =)

    Having a bit of trouble with Inkeeper's Ledger in the Dresden Files custom sheet.

    Apparently in edit mode the field headers for each stat end up as white text on a white background so they are unreadable until you select where the text should be.

    I assume all I need to do is modify something in the CSS tell it to be another color but I have no idea what. Could someone please advise? It is otherwise a very awesome skin.


    Post edited by eiredrake on
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    So is it still giving you grief or based on your last edit, you were able to fix it/work around?

    I never tested Ledger with the Dresden record sheet, though I probably should. :)
  • eiredrake
    Posts: 9
    There are still some issues but mostly with images that aren't being found but I think that's in the Dresden Sheet itself.. You can take a look at it if you like:

    Been going through it and I'm very thankful for the comments in there... they helped me figure it out pretty quickly. Now it's got me interested (slightly) in CSS too.

    Now I just need to get my hands on the CSS for the Dresden Sheet.
  • eiredrake
    Posts: 9
    Confirmed.... fiddler reveals the following images no longer exist:

  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354 edited March 2013
    Ah, yes from time to time jbteller4's art does seem to vanish. Though a nice guy, he doesn't appear to be on Obsidian regularly (or hasn't been as far as I can tell). I'd start with sending him a message.

    I created my own "dresden template": - but I have not turned it into a DST yet, though I probably should.
    Post edited by wolfhound on
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    By request I have added some Forum formatting to my Innkeeper's Ledger free template.

  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    ps - eiredrake - thanks for tackling the DST and doing up a new version
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    I've had a request for something "more parchment-like" for my Innkeeper's Ledger template. So I just bashed up some art files using RobA from the cartographer's guild's tutorials

    So art has been added as well as "a guide to convert": off the frontpage (at bottom)

    To see what it looks like with the new parchment files, "follow this link":
  • Basileus
    Posts: 585
    Thanks for providing these! :)

    To contribute a bit back, here is a variant on your iMetallic theme, which I am creatively calling "iGlass":

    Essentially three changes:
    Modified the color scheme a bit
    Changed out the texture for a "glowy" one
    Implemented some opacity/transparency settings (so works best with lighter backgrounds for readability)
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    That's fantastic! I love what you did with iGlass
  • Mercutio361
    Posts: 16
    Very awesome! I borrowed one of these for my campaign until I can get back on track with my css. Thanks!
  • pencilneckgeek
    Posts: 50 edited September 2013
    I'm more than a little late to the game, but these are awesome. I'm using the green and black one in my Dresden Files campaign ( Thanks for these great templates!
    Post edited by pencilneckgeek on

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  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    You're very, very welcome. :)
  • Wild_Gazebo
    Posts: 14
    That iGlass is awesome! It effectively solves all of the issues for my original idea with my ( Ruins of Myvolia campaign.

    I think I now feel confident with how I will rework the whole deal into a better working wiki, thanks!!
  • Keryth987
    Posts: 1,047
    Well, I'm having the same problem eiredrake was having with her DST, with white text on white background, though I'm using it with the Black and Blue Template. Getting tired of banging my head against the wall, anyone able to help?

    Keelah Se'lai,
    "Shadows Over New York":
    "Campaign of the Month - July 2013":

  • Magnatude
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for your post wolfhound, I've used one of your templates to get my site started. Modified Inkeepers.
  • wolfhound
    Posts: 354
    Looks great Magnatude! I see you went with the parchment look, looks great!

    Keryth, got a test character link that I can take a look at with the problem you're having?
  • Keryth987
    Posts: 1,047
    Figured it out, after looking through your entire Dallas CSS you have posted.

    .dynamic_sheet_container {margin-top:-11px;margin-left:-11px;color:black;font:black;}

    That fixed it.

    Problem now is the Dresden Sheet and Dresden Sheet v2 won't work on letting me enter Stunts and Powers

    Keelah Se'lai,
    "Shadows Over New York":
    "Campaign of the Month - July 2013":

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