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Long have I been a fan of Alan Moore's Watchmen universe, originally published in 12 issues between 1986-1987, and then as a 'graphic novel' with an rpg spin off (which i first read in high school), and a popular film spin off as well. Always wanted to play out Watchmen game so I've created this wiki page to finally make it a possibility.

Run on a fairly basic D6 system based on the original RPG modules licensed by DC to add canon, semi-canon lore to the Watchmen universe. This campaign take place during the years before during , and directly after the 'Watchmen' - "Crimebusters": are outlawed due to the "Keene Act of 1977":


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    Welcome to the forums! As a fellow fan, I grinned to see the familiar smiling face with blood dripping down! Nice work!
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    Hi BlueBenny

    My favourite graphic novel and I loved the movie as well so good to see it topped off with a Role Playing Game. That bloody smiley face has to be one of the most potent images in modern culture.

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    thanks guys, I appreciate it . More updates to come and campaign info as well. Thinking to write some interspersed Rorschach's Journal pieces and create some original characters in some other cities besides New York City.
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    Welcome to the Guild BlueBenny! Nice campaign site as well.

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