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Here is a basic template to simulate the D&D 4.0 stat blocks they use to represent items. It uses the best approximation I could find of the colors used in the character builder's marketplace. The only discrepancy is that they use a gradient for their gray background. I could find no easy way to do this without getting really deep with the css rules so I used a flat gray instead. Hope this is useful

table{border:1px solid black}.
{background:#F2BF46}.|. %{color:white; h1}*Mithrendain Steel Longsword +2*%||>. %{color:white}Level 8%|
{background: #ddd}.|\3. _This blade is infused with the Feywild's inherent arcane energy_|
{background:#E9CAA6}.| *Weapon*||>. 3400|
{background: #E9CAA6}.|\3. *Weapon:* Longsword|
{background: #E9CAA6}.|\3. *Enhancement:* +2 Attack and Damage Rolls|
{background: #E9CAA6}.|\3. *Critical:* +2 d6|
{background: #F2BF46}.|\3. *Properties*|
{background: #E9CAA6}.|\3. Add 1 square to the distance of any teleport you make.|
{background: #F2BF46}.|\3. *Power* (Teleportation) * *Daily* (Free Action)|
{background: #E9CAA6}.|\3. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. You teleport the target 2 squares.|


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    This looks pretty good! Check it out "here":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/the-runemaster-s-sanctum/items/mithrendain-steel-longsword-2

    Thanks for sharing Raivnor!
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    Just trying to help out.

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