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Hi, I'm new to the sight, but my husband and I host a group on a weekly basis! We are always looking for new players. You can find us on facebook at: If you would like to join the group (even if it's just to add your input) please feel free to request to join our facebook page. We'd love to have you! We meet on a weekly basis, usually Saturday afternoons, between 1 and 3 until around 11pm. (Sometimes longer) We may have additional games in winter. We try to work around peoples scheduals so don't think, Saturdays my _____ day, I won't join cause I'd never get to play. Not true! Take care, have fun, and happy gaming!


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    Hi Susie

    Welcome to the SITE. I hope you get a fine army of conscripts and that you keep on popping in to the Forums to let us know how things are going. I live in Scotland so will probably not be joining you very often but I wish you and your hordes the best of luck!

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