Inline Dice rolls

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How do you add inline dice rolls? I would like to make some checks between sessions and it seems I am forced to head to Invisible Castle when other sites have this feature like Tangled Web and EpicWords.


  • Langy
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    You about found it; there is no in-wiki or in-forum die roll mechanic on OP.
  • FlakBait
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    Don't know if this will be read or not, so here goes anyways.

    Having an in post dice roller would be nice because then all the player have to do is type what they want and it displays.

    As a DM I would want it because it prevents copy pasta cheating.

    I do know one website that has worked out how to do this. Here's the link.

    I imagine all you would have to do is write some code that lets a forum post talk to the in banner dice roller.
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