Sanctuary Saga (Finally) Updated!

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My new party and I were able to get a game in this weekend. If you'd like some good reading check out the Adventure Log when you have a chance. Let me know what you think!!

"Adventure Log":


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    Hey Jyhazen

    "A Dish Best Served Cold" (DAY OF THE WAKING)

    I enjoyed the excursion through the ambush site with the swinging goblins, toward the goblin fortress, along the secret waterfull path, into the cave and up the stairs to the lair. A ranger saved, coinage gained, goblins killed, sorcerer defeated and centaur freed! All sounds like a good day's work for Yarrion, Elllimine, Alanna, Alidana, Aranel, Argus and Rucryn. I like the way Yarrion takes charge. Paladin through and through!

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