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I'd like to be able to organize my caracters into major groups. I've been talked out of suggesting a "creatures" tab, the reason being another tab would pollute the design. I still wish, however, that I could separate actual character from creatures, and I think it could be done as currently PCs, NPCs, GM only PCs and GM only NPCs are separated: in a single page, grouped by headings.

Instead of "PC" and "GM only" flags in the character edit page, we'd have a "type" or "class" or whatever dropdown, with our groups. We'd be allowed to edit and reorder them, and have GM only be set on a group basis, with settings defaulting to the current "PC", "NPC", "GM only".


  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
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    Great idea. Of course if we could sort characters and images that would be wonderful as well...

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    You could do this in your wiki. In mine I have races separated into Handsome Races, Monster Races, Magic Races, Gods' Minions, and Monsters. My performers(characters) section is separated into Players, Significant Allies, Major Enemies, Supporting Cast, and Gods.
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  • tic
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    Like killervp said :).

    For my campaign, I created a Wiki page to replace the "Characters" page and so I was able to separate all of my NPCs into lists by where they were encountered and by their Faction membership (with some NPCs appearing on multiple lists).
  • arsheesh
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    Yup, that's how I did mine as well (though I just realized that I was in the process of changing the character wiki of my Age of Legends site and never got around to finishing it, and it's still labeled DM only, so no one can see that that's what I was up to).

  • twiggyleaf
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    What a "SNEAK" you have turned out to be..... ;)

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  • Langy
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    I definitely support this feature request; while yes, we can do something similar in a Wiki page, that breaks all the nice things that the Characters tab gives us, like auto-populating lists and the use of the default tab navigation bar.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    I only hope that if this feature is included, the tags system will be universal- that was the main reason I went wiki is to allow tags that were all together! Currently the item & character tags are separate from the wiki tags.
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    Just trying to help out.

  • Beardface
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    I absolutely support this request, and I would be extremely disappointed if the Reforging doesn't include something like it. One of my campaigns now has 40 NPC entries - trying to sort them all by tags is just a complete pain.
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