[Arcanum Syndicate] and [Scrying Eye Games] New Release

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Arcanum Syndicate and Scrying Eye Games have joined forces to bring the Pray for Dawn campaign module and Roads to Nowhere battle maps into one stunning PDF for only $10.00.

Pray for Dawn is 145 pages of a post apocalyptic, survival, horror campaign created for the Chaos 6010 A.D. role-playing game. Although of course this module can be used to fit any game setting. The players awaken on a pile of dead bodies with no memory of who one another is, or of the events that led them to this point. There is a storm coming and it will be night soon. Their only shelter from the acid rains and horrible plague hounds of the wastelands is a distant city on the horizon. When the players reach this city they come to find it abandoned, an entire ghost town. As the players attempt to find food, supplies, and answers to their strange loss of memory they realize the sun is setting and all hell is about to unfold.

The players must quickly become a crew no matter if some of the characters may be good or some evil. They must band together using their skills and abilities to keep each other alive. They realize that they must survive at least one night in this total nightmare together or become permanent residents of this forgotten city.

The module comes complete with gruesomely awesome artwork, a chapter that covers a memorable cast of characters, a chapter filled with new monsters and undead, a random encounter table for the streets of Necropolis, and tables for narcotics, weapons, and gear.

Scrying Eye Games creates excellent and detailed battle maps. They have done splendid work with their Roads to Nowhere addition where they have created post apocalyptic streets and buildings for your miniatures to do battle on. You can pick this bundle up at drivethrurpg and rpgnow.com. Please check out other products from Arcanum Syndicate as well at this link. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index....turers_id=3578

Good luck to you all in your struggles fellow gamers and may the shadows hide your path.

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