New Maptool/Skype 4E Forgotten Realms Campaign

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Greetings, all. My DM instincts have been stirring lately, and I'd like to start a new online Realms campaign using Maptool (a free to use virtual tabletop, for those who don't know). Some familiarity with the Forgotten Realms (the world of Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, etc) is preferred.

4E ruleset taking place in the post-Spellplague Realms of 1479. I am houseruling a few features: tieflings will be the traditional variety (that is, mostly humanoid but with some fiendish features). Dragonborn and Tymanther will exist, but the campaign will largely ignore them if I can help it; I accept the addition of Dragonborn, but I don't particularly like them. The campaign will begin in the Moonsea region, but where it goes on will depend on the party's choices.

Game time will vary, as my work hours are variable. This was the case with my last Maptool campaign, however, and made aligning schedules easy. Most likely, count on games in the afternoon or evening hours EST.

If interested, post here or message me. If you use some kind of messaging software, such as AIM, Skype, etc, let me know your contact info so we can get in touch.


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