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Hello everyone! I'm new to RPGs. I've been playing in Pathfinder Society for the past month or so on weekends. It's been a great experience and now I'm looking for a campaign because weekend gaming isn't enough! I'd like something long term. My schedule is pretty strange however I'm available Sat-Mon 1-9pm, Tue until 7pm and after 830pm. Fridays anytime. I sleep in the morning so I'm also available late/overnights Tue-Fri. I'm interested in Fantasy RPGs, Modern, Sci-Fi, anything that sounds cool. I have the Pathfinder and new World of Darkness rule books, however I'm willing to buy D&D or any other materials if needed!



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    Welcome Nathan! I suggest trying this "thread":http://forums.obsidianportal.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=1527&page=1 I personally have found players through pen and paper games myself.
    Good luck!
    "A God...Rebuilt":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/a-god-rebuilt
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    "OP's COTM April 2012":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/a-god-rebuilt-aprils-cotm/

    Just trying to help out.

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    I have a game just starting up. pathfinder using ebberon based world. If you are interested contact me at [email protected] our times is Sun & weds evening 9-12 pm EST
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