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Hi Folks,

So I've been working a lot on the layout of my page (like everyone here) and I'm just looking for some extra eyeballs and some opinions. Up til now, I've been using a menu bar under my banner to replace the standard set of tabs the OP provides...I've been debating the side bar thing so I'm throwing it out for public opinion. There are at least a few links I'd like to have on the front page...though they might be useful to have

Right now, I have seven links on the main menu bar, under the banner. That menu bar exists only on the home page and at the top of each of the seven pages it links to. Any of the sub-pages have a smaller menu bar at the bottom with at least a 'home' button or other links depending on what page it is.

I'm thinking of going a similar route with the sidebar, but only with links that are 'nice to have' but not essential to navigating the I notice the sidebar doesn't show everywhere...(like my mobile phone for example).

Anyway, I put a sidebar up on the "home page": and I'd love some feedback (good and bad). Also, if you have some ideas for other useful links that might go on the sidebar I'd appreciate it!


"Violent Skies":


  • dlaporte7271
    Posts: 94 more thing...All of you out there who are making videos for you sites...well...add that to the list of things I think I'd like to try...both for the overall look and feel of the site...and just for the pure creative joy of it. So...If you have videos...I would love some 'education' on how you do it...

    Thanks Again!
  • Pils
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    I can explain a little how I made my "Dark Sun video": to present the harsh world of Athas :

    First, I have many arts I wanted to use and I the music was already choosen. After, I made a "story board" of the scenario on a paper (like a very simple cartoon, with the text of course) ;

    I work with the Imovie program (I work on a mac, but I think you could find the free Moviemaker). Three things were important for me :

    * the pace of the video : the whole video shouldn't be too long, and you can't stay too long on each art ;

    * quality & effect of each arts and transition between them (melt, blur... etc.) ;

    * Put the music in adequacy with your video (in mine, you could see the dragon's arrival is linked with music change).

    A last word, a linear video could be boring, and I think it's very important to make many variations for the effects, transitions, durations of each arts...

    I hope this should help you.


    Dark Sun ● La Décade des Héros : Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery! (CotM - Dec 2012)

    Les Royaumes Oubliés : A D&D 5e old school style Forgotten Realms campaign!

    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

  • Job
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    Hello Dave,

    I like your sidebar! It's a great addition to your portal to improve navigation. For example, I immediately was able to link to the Comments page which, previously, I had to hunt to find. Because your site has so many other clean navigation aids, I'm not sure what else I'd add to the sidebar. Since, theoretically, your sidebar would be always visible, maybe you'd want to add a "Home" button there, even though you have Home buttons in many other logical places. I've heard that sidebars don't show up on iPhones and other portable devices, so I assume that you'd want to limit what you put in the sidebar (this will be one of my concerns when I introduce a sidebar into my own portal).

    The black sidebar buttons are excellent since they fit with your general layout. I'm not sure how easy or hard it would be to do, but if you could tone down the glossy look to better match the matte finish of your black navigation spheres, then that would be even better.

    And as far as creating videos goes, I've produced a couple of them, but my efforts have been very minimalist at this point. I've used the free Windows MovieMaker program and it was very intuitive and easy to use (believe it or not).

    Excellent work! And I look forward to seeing your site evolve in the coming months.
  • dlaporte7271
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    Thank you both for your replies...

    Job...good call on the buttons...I'll see if I can tone down the gloss a bit...The sidebar is very much a WIP. I've wanted to add a comments button...I've thought of adding a second set of nav buttons at the bottom of each page...but I like the idea of the sidebar. I am being selective about what goes on the sidebar. All the 'essential' links are on the main menubar. Of course...that doesn't mean that there aren't other possible options down the road...thanks for the feedback...I'm glad that you find it easy to navigate...that is the goal afterall.

    Pils...thanks for the tips...I'll be taking it in to account when I make an attempt at a video.


    "violent skies":
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