Living Ptolus - Online Pathfinder Game (Maptool)

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Hi folks, I just wanted to pop in and let this community know that I'm currently recruiting for an online Maptool game called Living Ptolus. We're a pretty active multi-DM game that's set in Monte Cook's Ptolus game setting.

We run a somewhat unusual Pathfinder variant in which there is no XP, and players simply purchase levels, feats, skills and other stuff with gold. We've also got a variation of E6 going in which characters stop gaining hit dice, BAB and Saves at 6th level, but can continue gaining class features. We're in an open playtest right now as we work out the kinks, but we'd love to have a few more folks coming and going to flesh out the cast of characters.

If interested, take a quick look at our wiki: "Living Ptolus Wiki":

Or come on over to our Maptool server. We're running version 1.3b87 and the server name is "Living Ptolus (Open Recruiting)" - there is no password.

If you're interested, stop by and give us a holler.
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