401 Unauthorized Errors From Markup When Posting a Wiki Page

edited March 2012 in API Discussion
I am seeing some odd behaviors when posting a new wiki page using the API. For example the following body content posts.

For example the following body content will post just fine.


More stuff

However, the following body content (with everything else identical) will result in a 401 unauthorized error. I am aware that the html is not quite right. I was working to narrow things down to a minimal example that would show the problem.


More stuff

I also have found that if I add a style attribute to any of the tags, or any other tags for that matter. This will work

A Header

And this will produce the 401 error. Again, everything else is identical.

A Header

I can save all of the html snippits into a wiki page without any issues, so there doesn't seem to be a fundamental problem with saving that html.

Any help or ideas on this is greatly appreciated.

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