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Hi all,

Recently, I was frustrated with the lack of DST's for Aberrant rules system, and having taken upon myself this year to learn C# via Visual Studio, I decided an small application that would take user input and output a rudimentary Textile character sheet.

I've gotten the basics done, and thought I'd share, gather input, and see what else I can do to it.

A few notes: This is my very first application, so while I'm proud of my work, I'm an absolute newbie. I make no warranties that this thing will work for any reason, if at all.

Also, since this is a input to textile converter, it does no math or checking of data. The assumption is that the character is valid for whatever you want to do.

"This is what the interface looks like.":http://i.imgur.com/oaZXM.jpg

"This is what you get when you drop the data into OP (Description Section).":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/coalition_2063/characters/natasha-jana

You can get the program "Here.":http://www.i-moriarty.com/A2T/

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